WIN A BRAND NEW L200 UTE! - Welcome to EsiLoan


EsiLoan is giving you the chance to WIN a brand new Mitsubishi L200 Ute!

HOW? Just get your approved EsiLoan before June 30 2016 and you get an entry in to the draw. Whether you need funds for education fees, travel expenses, medical expenses or just those unexpected events we’re giving you the chance to drive away in your own brand new vehicle!

By choosing EsiLoan, you get the following benefits:

  • The chance to win a brand new Ute!
  • Affordable rates and terms to suit your budget Flexible repayment terms
  • Interest rebates on loans paid out early
  • Fast approval and turnaround times
  • Ability to apply online or via our mobile app
  • Apply from your own workplace through our convenient ‘door to door’ service.

So make it esi to win and apply now or call 308 3800 for more information.

*Terms and conditions apply. 1 entry in to draw each time a customer obtains an approved EsiLoan. Draw closes 5pm 30th June 2016. Image used for illustration purposes only and does not guarantee colour displayed.

131 thoughts on “WIN A BRAND NEW L200 UTE!

  1. How much is the vehicle cost, and would there be a colour of the vehicle mention later? when the Is I loan is approved how long will it take to repay the loan?

  2. Esiloan is very best for individual , community and society and PNG as a whole , interms of every benefits including school fees etc.
    Thank you
    Kind Regards

    Augustine Metta

  3. I’m interested to open a interested bearing deposit,
    How much percent is your interested rate


  4. I am a freelance consultant so want to know which type of loans that i would be eligible to apply under.

  5. I would like to apply funds for education fees with esiloan.

    Loan amount. K 10,000

    I have steady income of K5500 from property rental per month.

    Business location. Portion 235 Milinch Kainantu Four mil Markham
    Supermarket rented by Tianwang Corporation Limited along Highlands Highway near Yonki Market.

    Thank you for your advertisement on face book


    Mason Nevosi
    Mason Nevosi

  6. I am interested for the loan, I am trying to start up a security firm here in Bulolo unfortunately, do not have start up capital.
    What are your requirements for the loan if I request for K350,000.00

    I am looking forward to here from you soon

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

    Nathan Kupa

  7. I have no website, I also have no account with your bank I am just dropping in to know your terms and conditions of getting a loan. Thanks and I wait for your prompt reply.

  8. I need to apply for a 10000.00 loan but pls can you send me the charges and the total repayment amount also if given me the opportunity i wanna pay it off within two years so whats the rate ?

    Yours faithfully

  9. I want a loan to pay for my housing advance.
    K70,000.00 10% housing advance to the bank.

  10. I am interested in the applying for a loan and a chance to win this ute as it wiill assist me and my family in our daily activities within pom etc…emergency purposes (hospital in the night if a child gets sick and so forth).

    Kindly advice the process and steps in applying for a loan with Esi Loan.

    Frieda River.

  11. Please can you check my loan repayment balance with you people. Amount deducted F/nightly K226.38

    Let me know, I would like to apply for additional higher Loan to repay existing one and remaining I can use it for my plan purpose.
    Account Number: 1000587445 with Kina Finance.

    Loan value i am planning to get is K20,000.00, if approve i wanna enter promotion draw foe UTE L 200 as well.

  12. we are not currently accessing loans from ESILOAN more due to no deduction code but saw this opportunity and decided to register my interest. would like to discuss more with you so do email me.


  13. I am interested in getting a loan but could not do so .Please help. Tell me the requirements needed.


  14. Do you lend to persons whose source if income is properly rentals and not salaries and wages.


  15. Hi easy loan, am so interested to apply for the loan but my company am working with the does not allow us to apply for the loan.

  16. Dear sir/madam,

    I would like to apply for a loan of K5000 to K10000.

    What are the requirements?


    Peter Wagi

  17. Hello…
    Please advise how I can obtain a personal loan….ie: the process and eligible…

    Thank you

  18. I’m interested in your services, I’d like to take a loan but i dont have any account with you so how will go about… further advice or information please.


  19. I wish to ask what type or group of people workers do you target your loans to
    assist in their financial needs, if I earn above K2,500.00 a month, can I be eligible for a Loan?

  20. I would like to apply for loan,but how can I apply..I work PNG Cocoa Board Head office in Kokopo.. Can you assist me get a loan.?

  21. So I can get some money (loan) from you.This is my first time so can you explain to me via my email address.

  22. I transfered from Kokopo to Madang which I have a loan with you guys but whant an additional where there is no esiloan branch here where I can obtain my statement.
    Please can you help me get my statement an a additional loan..

    Ta levi NABAI 11225084

  23. Its very good, an opportunity for anyone to participate in the compo for a chance of a lifetime to win…

  24. am one of student accepted in allied aviation academy in madang province, I have now funds to attent my flight training austraila, am from karimui normane district, my place surrounding by the tick jungle of png , am very happy to get esil loan ok.

  25. I wish to purchase a L200 ute so can you supply me the full information on how to buy.
    1: monthly loan payments.
    2: duration of the loan payments.
    3: location of your sales office and some others you can say.

  26. Dear sir/madam,

    May I please know the rates of repayment of K10000.00??


  27. Hi,I Joseph Puka would like to get a Loan, currently am member of a easyloan custom.
    I currently need a amount of K15,000.00 from your loan account..

    Will it be possible then advice me..

    Thanks so much for your respond

    Joseph puka

  28. I’m interested.
    I would like to know more about esiloan.
    Could you please help me.

  29. Please send me an application forms including all necessary documents and all requirements.

  30. I am totally agree and support this……Esiloan just made it too easy for its clients.
    Like to here more from your end.
    Very much interested..

  31. I’ve been longing to have one of the changes like this to make my life easier on missions. I trust God for every possibilities. Amen.

  32. Thanks for the advertisement, I would like yo know to be part of the draw so can you give me more information on how to enter the draw?

  33. Hi there please u need more information on how to get a loan from you and your requirements . thanks Kind regards JOYCELYN

  34. Thanks for this ad and I wish I am the winner for this L200 Ute. I want to obtain a loan from EsiLoan now for K5,000.00

    How about that?


  35. This so very interested.I wish my dream should come through.if I’m lucky here my contact details.
    No email address only my mobile phone numbers.
    Office contact: Dr Paul mondia @ Pacific international hospital (Pih)

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