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Life can be complicated!

That’s why EsiLoan is here
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  • We help people everyday, with short-term financial solutions.
  • We have a range of loan options that make it easier to choose.
  • Friendly, experienced staff to make it all easier to understand.
  • We believe everyone deserves the chance to make life easier.
  • We have repayment options that make it easier to repay.

Calculate in 3 Easy Steps

To calculate a repayment plan for your loan, please complete the following 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

Employee Selection below

Step 2:

Loan Amount

Min / Max loan amounts: K1000 - K50000

Step 3:

Repayment Period (fortnights)

Min / Max periods: 5-52 Fortnights

Your fortnightly repayment plan is: K237.08

The particulars set out above are provided for information purposes only. Its provision does not guarantee approval of a loan and all figures shown are estimates only. They apply at the date of enquiry but could change in the future. The interest rate is subject to change. This is not a loan application, or offer of a personal loan.