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EsiLoan Cash Card

What is the EsiLoan Cash Card?
  • It is a stored value card where EsiLoan can directly deposit your approved loan instead of your bank account.
How quickly can your funds be loaded on the card?
  • Subject to approval, EsiLoan can deliver the loan to you within 2 hours. The fastest in PNG!
How is the Cash Card used?
  • You can use it to withdraw your EsiLoan money at an ATM or to pay for your goods via an EFTPOS terminal in major supermarkets.
Where can the Cash Card be used?
  • The Cash Card is now accepted at all Westpac, BSP and ANZ ATM’s and EFTPOS terminals around PNG.


How much can I withdraw from the Cash Card at an ATM?
  • The Cash Card has a maximum daily withdrawal limit of K4,000.
What happens if I lose my Cash Card?
  • The branch will issue you with a new Cash Card and PIN.
What are the fees associated with replacing your Cash Card?
  • EsiLoan will charge a Cashcard replacement fee of K20 and a PIN replacement fee of K10. Please keep your Card and PIN safe