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EsiLoan Calculator App

Have you ever wanted to calculate your loan repayments instantly in the palm of your own hand? Welcome to the EsiLoan Android App, for your convenience.

How do you get the EsiLoan Calculator?

Real easy! If you have a mobile android device and have the Google play store installed on your device, you can download the EsiLoan Calculator App instantly.

1. Select your Google play icon on your handset
2. Search “EsiLoan” in the Google play store
3. Select “EsiLoan Calculator – Kina Group of Companies”
4. Select “Install”
5. Or if you are viewing this on your mobile device, click here

How do you use the EsiLoan Calculator?

Once you’ve installed the app, all it takes is 3 “esi” steps to calculate your monthly repayments.:

Step 1: Select your employer group (Private, Government, Kina Gold)
Step 2: “Slide” to select your loan amount (between K500-K30,000.00)
Step 3: “Slide” to select your repayment period from 5 – 52 Fortnights)

See your fortnightly loan repayment calculation appear and change as you move the slider bars in real time!

Once you’re happy with your calculation, how do you apply for an EsiLoan?

Real easy; tap the “ENQUIRE” button to submit your loan calculation details to our EsiLoan Account Executives to start off your loan application.

Important user information
  • Requires Android 3.0 and up
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Size: 528k
  • Developer: Kina Bank Limited


Inquiries about the EsiLoan Calculator App

If you have any questions, queries or feedback about the EsiLoan Calculator App please contact us here